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Why E-Sports?

enter the Market with highest growth potential

‘Upgaming’ offers a combination of all the popular games that bring together thousands of viewers daily with an average of over 40 million, and more than 500 tournaments per month.

  • The capacity of the video game market grows by 9-14% annually with the current value of more than $ 150 billion.
  • Players buy games worth $ 38 billion annually. the number of active players has grown by 35% for the last 5 years reaching 2,680,000,000.
  • Consequently the igaming industry doubled its profit in 2020 and now it is worth $ 14 billion.
  • ‘Upgaming’ takes into account millions of viewers’ wishes and demands and offers esports with games attracting countless viewers. This increases not only the interest in them but also the number of tournaments every month.

Things You Can Get From Our

Path to your success

Beloved games of all time, loyal and potential clients, casino prosperity and long-term perspectives

  • A growing number of sophisticated games
  • Constantly updated bets
  • Latest statistics of current games
  • Best Margin
  • Convenient design and flexible back-office tailored to your needs
  • Top analytics tools
  • Bonus Systems
  • Affiliate System
  • Payment Methods
  • Licensing
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