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Why Upgaming's Online Casino?

Integrate using a single platform

The success of your business is in your hands, your casino name is among the world’s leading casinos, you keep your customers content and happy and your earnings grow second by second. It’s all thanks to ‘Upgaming’.

  • Risk management
  • Integrate 12,000+ games from 150+ providers using a single platform
  • Maintain and increase your revenue and customer satisfaction with slots, board games video poker, and virtual games.
  • Monthly updates on popular games
  • Sophisticated bonus system
  • Local and international tournaments and jackpots
  • Flexible back office system
  • Constantly updated data analysis
  • Special Status - granted groups of users and with the additional privileges or limits

Online Casino Bonus System

Get inspired

The best way of activating a user is through offering a constant bonus system. that is why upgaming offers you the most sophisticated system with bonuses of any type and complexity.

  • Free Spins

    - free spins are one of the most popular types of bonuses you can offer any customer or group of users for the numerous transactions you choose.
  • Welcome Bonus

    - offer any type of bonus to new customers, create an agreeable environment that will help you not only to gain their trust, but also increase their quantity, which in turn will boost the casino profit.
  • Configurations

    - create any type and number of bonus configurations

Online Casino Backoffice

Fully Featured and customized system for your casino

Run a successful casino with a back-office option by ‘Upgaming’. you can get complete information about your profit and customers, carry out various marketing campaigns,control the price tag, and insure yourself against unnecessary risks.

  • Back-Office - allows you to handle:
  • Bonuses - create any type of bonus system suitable to your needs.
  • Risks - manage casino risks
  • Data Analysis And Reports - get complete information about casino players and their transactions
  • Payment Systems - use our payment system (up to 120) and add your favorite providers
  • Affiliate Platform - Control All Affiliated Campaigns And Payments From One Platform
  • Track User Behavior – set a limit, or let your users or a group of users enjoy some privileges

Mini Games

Get inspired

The best way to activate a passive user is through a constant bonus system. that is why up gaming offers you the most sophisticated system allowing you to offer bonuses of any type and complexity

  • More fun
  • Does not require much time and concentration.
  • Mini-Games are a simplified version of the classic ones
  • Demographic statistics
  • Simplified set of rules
  • Do not baffle your users.

Exclusive Mini Games

the first ever created a kind and funny dinosaur helping you to win!

Then we offer you and your customers a completely new, unprecedented game “Dino” with an attractive and eye-catching design which ensures your customers’ instant interest.

This is another good reason why your casino should always offer its customers innovative products and services. By constantly attracting new customers and keeping them satisfied you will create long-lasting prosperity.

  • Simple and engaging gameplay
  • Characters that stick to player’s minds
  • The fastest and most rewarding game
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