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In House Bookmakers

Secure the Success of your Business

Upgaming's bookmakers are Calculating odds for over 4500 Sports and esports markets, accepting a bets and keeping a balance between the stakes in order to give you the best odds possible, maximizing the profits of your Sportsbook

  • Bookmakers

    - Upgaming's team is always analyzing the information from the world-renowned suppliers and using sportsbook API integration is allowing you to enjoy all the benefits on your platform.
  • The Highest Odds

    - Upgmaing's in house Team of professional bookmakers set the best odds for your Sportsbook
  • Exclusive Markets

    - Having in house team of professional bookmakers enables us to create exclusive market for your Sportsbook

Sportsbook Risk Management

protect your investment

It is difficult for any online casino owner to anticipate and identify any risks as well as determine their level while running a gambling business properly.

  • Our risk-management team works 24/7 in order to protect your investment and find effective fraud prevention solutions.
  • Identifying and managing risks from customers and events is an integral part of a decent and successful sportsbook.
  • The risk and fraud management department constantly monitors and investigates information about suspicious transactions.

Sportsbook Features

the easy way to derive and double your profit

Making Sportsbook More Engaging Engaging customers is the core responsibility of any iGaming operator, that's why Upgaming's Sportsbook API provides engagement tools, Making your customers experience more exciting and keeping them longer on your platform.

  • Cash-Out

    - stop the ticket at any time and cashout 
  • Add Game

    - make your sportsbook easy to handle by adding a new game function in the existing ticket.
  • Delete

    - you can easily delete a game in the existing ticket with a ‘delete’ function.
  • Save

    - with the ‘save’ function you can track the odds’ variability and save this information for a desirable game. 
  • Swap

    - possibility to replace the existing ticket with a new game

Sportsbook Player Engagement

make sportsbook more engaging

Engaging customers is the core responsibility of any iGaming operator, that's why Upgaming's Sportsbook API provides engagement tools, Making your customers experience more exciting and keeping them longer on your platform.

  • Live Streams

    - Sports Live Broadcast one of the advantages of our sportsbook is broadcasting live matches by giving a player an extra motivation to stay on the site for a long time.

    This also allows you to watch the game on your own platform and make additional bets during the game, which helps you to increase customer loyalty, length of visit and the most importantly casino revenue.
  • Match Tracker - visual match tracker

    you can create a unique visualization of the game with a match tracker that provides a player with in-depth and real- time information about current events during the game.

    besides, it also increases the sportsbook engagement rate growth as well as betting frequency.

Sportsbook Bonus System

Get inspired

The best way to activate a user is through a constant bonus system. For this purpose ‘Upgaming’ offers you the most sophisticated system providing you with bonuses of any type and complexity

  • Free Bets

    - Free bets are one of the most popular type of bonus in sportsbook industry, allowing you to grow your customers loyalty and retention rates
  • Welcome Bonus

    - offer any type of bonus to new customers, create an agreeable environment that will help you not only to gain their trust, but also increase their quantity, which in turn will boost the casino profit.

Sportsbook API Backoffice

Standalone Back office for your sportsbook operations

Upgaming's Sportsbook API comes with standalone, fully functional and easy to manage backoffice, letting you to oversee and manage your sportsbook operations from a single place.

  • Set Restrictions - on a risky customer or group of users
  • Front-End - manage your website design from the back office.
  • Bonus Management - offer an individual bonus to each customer.
  • Margin Management - set the desired margin for each sport and market
  • Keep Control - set a limit on bets and pre-commitments for any sport, market, or game 
  • Business Monitoring - keep your business going and control betting and tickets in real-time 
  • Back Office Monitoring - keep an eye on back-office users, their constant betting changes, anticipated risks, profit margins, payments, etc. 
  • Reporting - you can get a constantly updated report of measuring your success with the help of super analytics tools such as: winning, betting analysis, losses, various transactions, etc.  

Sportsbook Interface

Designed to convert

A user-friendly interface is an essential attribute of a successful casino offering with a variety of sportsbook features.

  • Customer-Friendly Interface - the main advantage of our sportsbook is that it can be easily handled from any mobile device.
  • Personalized Design - off-the-shelf solutions give you the opportunity to create a personalized design of a sportsbook complying with high industry standards and ux research which is tailored for your brand.
  • ODDS View - Asian - European - Decimal - America

Virtual Sports

beyond your imagination

Increase your casino offers and allow your users to get dynamic, real time and continuous games at any time.

All of them ensure you enjoy some of the extra options :

  • Full HD Display
  • 3D Visualization audio effects close to the real environment
  • 10 000+ events per day
  • New game every 2-3 minutes
  • Fifteen kinds of sports
  • Comprehensive content management system
  • Margin cut out for your requirements
  • Quick and easy report generation tool
  • Suitable branding
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